Our Story


How it all started: Once upon a time, best friends Eddie and Mike decided to roll the dice on their rock star dreams. Having just graduated high school, the easiest venue to score was their own graduation parties. Instant success followed and was enough fuel to support a 6 year apprenticeship in the local cover band scene outside of Philadelphia, PA. 

How we got our name: The "IV" from band leader, Eddie Kurek IV, was mashed with a narrative from the 70’s rock era and the name "IV Stone" was born. The pronunciation for the name fluctuated and eventually landed on “Eye-Vee-Stone” or "Ivy Stone", a play on words which pays homage to the "IV" in Eddie's name. 

Going from basement shows to playing in multiple states... Over the course of 500 gigs, the band migrated from a 4pc to a 5pc unit, the boys became adults, and IV Stone started to gain a reputation for song diversity and sound quality. Original songs were eventually produced and found their way into the set lists. Although IV Stone was founded on friendship and hard work, it was no exception to the adversities of life. IV Stone's membership fluctuated as the members were faced with constant forks in the road. Through all the changes, the band kept the music real and the performances sharp. 

Currently: In 2018 Eddie accepted a position with the band Get The Led Out (GTLO) and has since been playing as their multi-instrumentalist. This incredible opportunity has allowed Eddie to grow both musically and as an individual. He plans to put this growth to use by remaining committed to booking shows with IV Stone during his off-time from GTLO. In 2019, IV Stone enters it's 7th year on stages and the current lineup occasionally draws from its rich history of band members. The relationships between all members, past and present, have been a foundation for IV Stone's current success. Every band has something that defines them and for IV Stone, work ethic and music quality continue to provide new open doors. 

The current musicians are now in their mid-20s and are still led by founders, Eddie and Mike. IV Stone appears across PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY and CT and most members (past and present) can be found on stages outside of IV Stone performances.

Our Music


Our band members share many of the same interests, but the most fortunate commonality is the desire to entertain people with the greatest songs ever created!  This translates into having some of the best set lists that are not afraid to cover hard or diverse songs. The most time tested songs from top artists such as Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Guns N' Roses, Beyoncé, The Eagles, Queen, etc. are carefully selected to match the crowds at each venue that we perform. 

Some venues require a strong dance selection while others require a rock concert event, but the end result always puts smiles on people's faces. IV Stone performs real music on real instruments. There are no backing tracks and we don’t choreograph performances. Our crowds dance and sing while we supply the music that they love.

Our Future


Following a time tested recipe, IV Stone has captivated local audiences by performing the best cover songs with a few original songs carefully blended in. The latest expansion into our neighboring states has been successful and our future remains bright. 

We look forward to finally producing and distributing IV Stone originals in 2019, however our live performances are still intended to have the best combination of songs for each venue. We are extremely grateful for our past members as well as our family and friends that support our performances. 

In 2018/19 we ramped down from 125 to 25 performances per year and as a result, we have actually seen the crowds grow. From the bottom of our hearts we thank everyone who has supported us. Because of you, we are committed to keeping the torch lit!